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  • Five stars for safety

    The Tucson received the maximum five-star safety rating by Euro NCAP, an independent vehicle safety organization, in its rigorous crash-test assessment program.

  • Creative seating

    The seat variation feature lets you use the space exactly as you wish.

  • hw018226.jpg
    More power, more oomph

    Innovative power & fuel economy with dynamic driving performance.

  • ExteriorThe best package layout design of the urban SUV includes a high frontal area and sleek low back silhouette combined with spacious interior and cargo storage areas.
  • INTERIORWhether you’re a driver or a passenger, you’ll feel right at home in the Tucson. Everything from the adjustable headrest to the heated seats and spirit-boosting sunroof will make sure of it.
  • PERFORMANCEFinally, a gasoline engine and diesel engine that allows for high performance and high efficiency. It’s die-cast in aluminum and features variable valve timing and a variable induction system. The result is a quiet sort of power.
  • SAFETYDepowered airbags on the driver’s and front passenger’s seats deploy at reduced force to prevent possible injury. side airbags and curtain airbags are installed all around to protect occupants from injuries.
  • CONVENIENCEYou want things just right. Then again, sometimes you need to change them around. no problem. the Tucson/ix35 lets you configure a multitude of seat arrangements.
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Sculpted good looks
make for art in motion

Organic sweeping lines fuse with Hyundai’s futuristic
design approach to create a sculpture on wheels.

High-tech head lamps that go with the flow

Sporty and high-tech, and at one with the fluid, sculptural lines of the body.

Cool hexagonal radiator grille in chrome

A distinctively large hexagonal radiator grille in chrome and high gloss black exudes an aggressive yet refined image.

A refined profile that assures
simplicity and power

The idea behind the Tucson / ix35's design is flowing
water in three dimensions plus a fast coupe style. Flowy
and fast make for a sophisticated silhouette.

Stylish wing mirrors with signal lights

Built-in LED lights offer convenience and safety while enhancing the smooth, aerodynamic profile and cutting-edge styling.

The aggressive sports utility vehicle
you’ve always wanted

The fluidic style continues to the rear, where once again
you get organic swooping rear lamps, sloping tail-gate
glass and an oversized bumper.

Rear lamps that effortlessly accentuate

Continue the fluidity that begins at the front, and connect the lines of the side and rear with effortless sporting character.

Tucson/ix35 promotional video "Glide the street" Showcases new Tucson/ix35's smooth features.

  • Rear spoiler with eye-level brake light
    Improves aerodynamics and safety, enhances visibility, and adds a touch of character.

  • Fog lamps
    Incorporated into the bumper, where their aggressive detailing and design enhance the purposeful, bold frontal view.

  • Windshield
    In 5mm thick glass, at high speed its aerodynamic design minimizes wind noise, while a pin prevents the wiper from lifting.

  • Wheels
    Multi-spoke alloy wheels, in 17" or 18" diameter. Not just beautiful, but practical too, their excellent ventilation protecting brakes from overheating. fitted with silica tires for excellent grip and reduced fuel consumption.

Your interior –
for you and you alone.

When we say you’re in control, we mean you’re in control. Set the
monitor to provide info the way you want it, play music the way you
choose and widen your options with Bluetooth.

A space that feels distinctly you

Style that mirrors your style. Adjustments to match your preferences. Delightful touches - heated seats, a sunroof - to keep you snug and smiling. Open the door and come on in.

Seating flexibility for maximum comfort

Upright, front seats semi-flat, second row seats split folding
and full folding. The choice of seat positions offers exceptional flexibility.

More luggage space, more options

Increased luggage space, courtesy of an increased rear
overhang and redesigned rear wheel suspension.

  • Floor console with cup holder
    With the handbrake located on the floor, there’s more room for an over-sized cup holder.

  • Center console (6.2ℓ)
    The large storage area can accommodate a small 11 inch laptop.

  • Overhead Console
    Deluxe map lamp and sunglasses case offer convenience storage in a perfect location.

Theta ll 2.4 MPi

Theta ll 2.4 MPi

Theta ll 2.0 MPi

Theta ll 2.0 MPi

Gamma 1.6 GDi

Gamma 1.6 GDi

R2.0 CRDi

R2.0 CRDi

UII 1.7 CRDi

UII 1.7 CRDi
Performance with efficiency. What every car seeks. Well, the quest has ended, as the Tucson / ix35 combines both. Powering you along is a R2.0 regular diesel engine, or Theta II 2.4 or 2.0 MPi gasoline engine. Die-cast in aluminium, and featuring variable valve timing and a variable induction system. And so that nothing intrudes on the powerful, fluid motion delivered, vibration is minimised, there’s hardly any noise when idling and accelerating, and reduced overall weight enhances fuel economy. Dynamic and forceful, yet quiet and effective. Strength is truly beautiful when it wastes nothing.
  • Theta ll 2.4 MPi
  • Theta ll 2.0 MPi
West Europe only.Australia exception.Engine performance might differ by regions.West Europe only.

6-speed auto transmission that looks & feels good Dynamic driving is possible in manual mode with the 6 speed automatic transmission. Miss shifting is reduced with the step gate shift pattern. Small leather shift knob improves outside look and feel.

Electric 4-wheel drive mechanism that knows the roads

Detecting road surface conditions and factors such as wheel speed and acceleration, the 4WD ECU distributes optimum driving
force between the front and rear wheels. With MDPS, you also get sharp responses, accurate handling and fuel efficiency.


Electronic Stability Program(ESP)
takes control when you can’t

Comes into its own when sudden braking or turning leads to a lack of
control. ESP senses wheel speed, the manner in which the car is turning,
the angle of the steering wheel and input from the pedals. Actively con-
trolling engine torque and distributing optimum brake force.

Perfect-force airbags

Depowered airbags on the driver's and front passenger's seats deploy at reduced force to prevent possible injury. Side airbags and curtain airbags are installed to protect occupants from injuries.

Active headrests protect the head & neck

Move up and forward during a rear-end collision, using the weight of the back rest and the person's upper body, to minimize head and neck injuries.

No going back with Hill-start
Assist Control(HAC)

It's sometimes tough pulling away when you're facing
uphill. No matter. Hill-start Assist Control prevents
backward rolling on steep ascents.

Downhill Brake Control(DBC) for when things get steep

To keep control and maintain steady speed on steep, downhill descents, engage Downhill Brake Control.

  • Foot parking brake
    Foot parking brake is applied in auto transmission cars since it’s more convenient and saves space compared to the hand brake.
    LHD A/T only.

  • Safety power window controls
    Conveniently located to put control at your fingertips, the windows automatically stop if they sense an obstacle when closing, for added safety.

Sporty-cool blue LED light cluster
and trip computer

The sporting influence is clear in the cylinder-type dials, highlighted by blue lights that give a high-tech
look. Between them, a trip computer displaying information in text or icons, complete with sounds.

Picture-perfect parking guide system

A rear camera display is incorporated into the electro-chromic rear-view
mirror, to make parking easy

Dual full auto air conditioning

Automatically adjusts to maintain the set temperature. Also allows
separate temperature levels for driver and passenger.

Manual air conditioner
Tucson/ix35 commercial
"Get out of the box"
Seek freedom from boring everyday life with the new exciting Tucson.

  • AUX, iPod and USB connection
    Lets you enjoy your favorite tunes by playing music files from mobile storage devices. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

  • Navigation system
    Large 6.5 inch TFT-LCD screen of WVGA resolution. In-dash type DVD player and bluetooth that recognizes voices. 5.1 channel surround sound, digital outside amp that has better sound compared to analog amp. The navigation screen is connectable to the optional rearview camera.

  • One touch triple turn signal
    When changing lanes, touch the turning signal slightly and return it back to neutral within 0.5 seconds then turning signal lamp is lit three times. It’s convenient and improves safety.

  • Engine start/stop button
    Keyless ignition for security and convenience. And more than a touch of style.


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