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Expressing your business –  The new Hyundai HD45.The new Hyundai HD45 has the power to deliver. The narrow 1760mm width fits to city streets and the high level of equipment fits it comfortably to your budget. Features such as the large wrap around front bumper with recessed fog lamps, optimally mounted wide angle rear view mirrors, clear glass headlamps and side indicator repeaters make it ideal for heavy traffic operation. Clean exterior styling and integrated details such as the drivers step and rear cab protection means it looks good too.


  • MFR head lamp

    The stylish front headlights are also a major night driving safety feature as they feature Multi Focus Reflection Technology for clearer, wider, and more precise light projection.

  • Function oriented radiator

    More than a smart styling touch, the large aperture enhances cooling efficiency.

  • Clear recessed fog lamps

    These fog lamps are available as an option. They improve driving safety in bad conditions, and are recessed into the generous front bumper to avoid incidental damage. (Optional)

  • Side character Line

    Side Character lines add a sporty, muscular note which defines the HD’s dynamic and nimble image. (Deluxe Model)

  • Handy features help you work


    We've made our decks to help make your job easier. For example, they're wider and longer than ever and include fold-down side and tail gates for extra cargo handling versatility


  • Instrument panel

    Backlit, clear, and easy to read instruments, in the direct sightline of the driver, make day or night driving more relaxing.

  • Overhead storage (option)

    The overhead console provides deep, secure and capacious stowage for sunglasses, papers, maps etc., without impeding free movement in the cab.

  • Center seat back Console

    This is package optional for all DLX models. (Except Narrow Cab & Double Cab)

  • Console

    Center console includes storage bin, coin slot and cupholders

  • Space for organizational efficiency

    How much working time is spent looking for papers, maps or delivery notes? The HD 45 offers convenient door pockets, a capacious glove box, useful space under the audio and a driver's cup holder. It also features space saving ashtray and non-intrusive inner door handles to allow easier movement. The result is more convenient organization and more business efficiency.

  • High back adjustable seats

    Supportive contoured high back seats add comfort and reduce driving fatigue. The design includes built-in headrests and both sliding and reclining adjustment. The durable upholstery materials are attractive and easy to clean.


  • D4BB Engine

    Hyundai HD45 gives the powerful performance which is combined with exceptional reliability and durability. D4BB diesel engine delivers 80 ps and 17 kg·m of torque. That's enough for a top speed of 114 kph, and the precise 5-speed transmission delivers acceleration to stay with the traffic. Like every Hyundai engine it's built to give years of reliable service, to save you money and increase operating efficiency.

  • Larger brake lining

    Generous 320 mm x 75 mm brake linings (with optional automatic adjusters) and the same 6.50 x 16 tire size at the front and back, give the HD45 real stopping power.

  • High capacity axle and leaf suspension

    The higher capacity axle and leaf suspension of HD45 exhibits outstanding durability and rigidity and maximize load carrying performance.

  • Radiator reservoir

    Radiator reservoir is installed on the inner side of the fender and is easily checked and replenished.

  • Washer Tank

    Washer Tank is mounted in a safe and secure location outside the rear panel where it can be easily checked and replenished.

  • Fuse Box

    Fuse Box is installed under the instrument panel and enables quick and easy check ups.

  • Tool box

    Tool box provides easy and convenient access to tools.

  • Fuel Tank

    Fuel Tank Lock is ensuring a safe, secure, and comfortable operation.

  • Service Lamp

    Service Lamp circuit is located right beside the battery for convenient repair during the night time.