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  • Powerful 2.0 T-GDi engine
  • A sporty style, exclusively designed
    for Sonata Turbo
  • Confident and strong inner force
The image may differ from the actual product.
A strong heart for a breathtaking performance. Experience a dynamic driving sensation.


Evolved fluidic aesthetics,
a more elegant look and a vivid touch.

  • High performance projector headlamps
  • Radiator grille
Powerfully glamorous

The turbo-only radiator grille and front bumper with
a mesh grille grant the car a beautifully sleek and
refined figure.

Confident for a reason

Sonata Turbo's dynamic and aggressive look is
magnified with the turbo-only 18" alloy wheels and
twin dual muffler exhaust tips.

Interior design with added impact

A turbo-boosted car means a boosted interior specification. Sport seats, a leather-wrapped gearstick knob and
aluminum accelerator pedal show the influence of motorsport. The center fascia panel has a special textured metal
surface treatment.


2.0 T-GDi gasoline engine

Feel the exploding power of T-GDi engine, improved
low/mid-range torque and sharper throttle response.
Driving has never been more enjoyable!

The Sonata Turbo's beauty is the confident and quiet kind. No need to show off.
  • exterior_car_front
    moreHID headlamps
    moreLED daytime running
    lights (DRL)
    moreRadiator grille
    • HID headlamps High intensity discharge (HID) headlamps illuminate the road with a crisp light more intense than that of any other headlamp while using less power. Their slim design is a natural continuation of the Sonata Turbo's beltline molding.
    • exterior_front_sub2
      LED daytime running lights (DRL) Mesh grille on the lower front bumper and the LED daytime running lights (DRL) form an excellent combination of dynamism and intensity.
    • exterior_front_sub3
      Radiator grille Bold, unique and stylish. The turbo-only radiator grille is just in the right place, perfectly blending in with the bodywork.
  • exterior_car_side
    morePanorama sunroof
    moreWaistline molding
    more18" alloy wheels
    • exterior_side_sub1
      Panorama sunroof With the panorama sunroof, you can enjoy not only a bright and airy environment but also a sporty and modern exterior.
    • exterior_side_sub2
      Waistline molding Utterly dynamic from the front to the rear and around the side! Just see how the sculpted side sill molding boasts its sporty emotion.
    • exterior_side_sub3
      18" alloy wheels Turbo-only sports 18" alloy wheels promise you a smooth and thrilling driving experience while the 17" large diameter disk brakes on the front wheels ensure you increased safety.
  • exterior_car_rear
    moreLED rear combination
    moreDual twin tip mufflers
    moreSmart trunk system
    • LED rear combination lamps LED rear combination lamps that minimize energy consumption create an aggressive yet sporty rear image. Excellent visibility reduces the possibility of a rear-end collision.
    • exterior_rear_sub2
      Dual twin tip mufflers The aggressively shaped dual twin tip muffler tail trim provides a sense of high performance. The dual version doubles the feeling.
    • exterior_rear_sub3
      Smart trunk system No hands to open the trunk? Just stand near the trunk with the smart key for 3 seconds and it will automatically open. No need to put down your bags.

  • Chrome-coated outside handles
    Chrome-coated outside handles add to the Sonata Turbo's luxury profile and give you an easy grip. Lights on the inside of the door handles elegantly guide your hand.

  • Outside mirror repeaters
    Outside mirror repeaters not only improve visibility and promote safer driving, they lend a modern edginess to the vehicle's side.

  • LED high-mounted stop lamp (HMSL)
    Drivers behind you will notice your braking and keep their distance thanks to the LED high-mounted stop lamp (HMSL), which is located at the eye line of those behind.
Just focus on driving. The Sonata Turbo's perks and comforts will make themselves known.
Seat color
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Leather
  • Leather + Cloth
  • Textured metal film interior trim
  • Leather
  • Leather + Cloth
  • Textured metal film interior trim
  • Seat materials
Interior design

Feel embraced by the fluidic and dynamic interior space, which comes in two refined color schemes.
Seat trims match the beige or black seat colors. Luxurious details and design create a premium image.

Supervision cluster
with 4.2" color TFT LCD

The cluster displays comprehensive vehicle information about fuel efficiency, speed, control lights and more. Considering user convenience, the control system is placed harmoniously and coherently, providing a user-centric, convenient and intuitive control.

Integrated memory system (IMS)

Two in the family drive the car? No need to fret about keeping your seat position. The Integrated memory system (IMS) memorizes two outside mirrors and driver's seat positions.

Audio & navigation system

The audio system interface uses an 8" LCD, which is also used to show navigation data and view from the rear view camera.

Full auto air conditioning system

Both the driver and front passenger enjoy the temperatures they want with the full auto air conditioning system. The customized interior climate makes sure everyone on board is comfortable.

Electric backlit curtain

If the sun is shining too strongly or you simply want more privacy, an electric rear window sunshade operates at the touch of a button.

Manual rear door curtains

Rear seat side curtains can be wound up when you want privacy or just want to block out the light.


  • Rear air ventilation
    With rear air ventilation, your backseat passengers can stay as cool or as warm as they want.

  • Door scuffs
    A feature common in luxury cars, door scuffs protect the Sonata Turbo's sills from scratches and shoe marks. Get in and out, without being too careful.
Front wheels understand the driver's intention while rear wheels make for stable turning.
  • 2.0 T-GDi
    gasoline engine

    Lightweight and reliable, this high-spec unit delivers a
    maximum 36.0 kg·m of torque at 1,350 ~ 4,000 rpm.
    Sonata Turbo’s engine provides dynamic driving
    performance, with its 2.0 T-GDi gasoline engine taking
    you from 0 to 100kph in 7.5 seconds. only available in select regions

    Max. Power
    245 ps
    Max. Torque
    36.0 kg·m

  • 6-speed automatic transmission
    The 6-speed automatic transmission provides high-precision responses, silky-smooth shifts and outstanding durability.

  • Drive mode control system
    This lets you choose from three different driving modes – normal, sports, and eco – depending on the steering feel you desire and to suit different driving conditions.
Roads may change, but your vehicle should be stable in any situation.
Our focus isn't speed or showiness, but safety and stability.
  • Blind spot detection (BSD)

    Radars on both sides of the rear bumper make up for your blind spots by detecting vehicles
    between your rear-view and outside mirrors. They also warn you when a vehicle is
    quickly approaching from behind.

  • Electronic stability control (ESC)

    Sensing steering wheel movements in relation to wheel rotation, Electronic stability control (ESC)
    takes care of the engine, braking system and steering during sudden braking and turning to keep
    you from skidding.

  • Static bending lights (SBL)

    Increase visibility on a curve with Static bending lights (SBL) when turning a curve.
    The SBL illuminates previous blind spots when making turns for better sight.

  • Hill-start assist control (HAC)

    Hill-start assist control (HAC) gives you get a safe start on an uphill incline without rolling

  • BSD
  • ESC
  • SBL
  • HAC
  • END
  • 6-airbag system Driver and front passenger airbags combine with front side and curtain
    airbags to offer improved protection.
  • Anti-lock brake system (ABS) This system prevents the brakes from being locked on slippery roads and
    avoids uncontrolled skidding. Anti-lock brake system (ABS) decreases
    stopping distances regardless of road conditions.
Every element made perfect for your touch, and every sound strikes a perfect balance.
Plenty of convenience features help make your ride better, safer, and more enjoyable.
  • Steering wheel remote controls The sporty D-cut steering wheel is attentively designed to give you the most
    comfortable grip in your hands and stable handling at high speeds.
    Audio remote controls
    The audio system can be controlled
    with just a movement of the thumb.
    Paddle shifters
    Paddle shifters let you make fast
    gear changes without taking your
    hands off the steering wheel.
    D-cut 3-spoke steering wheel
    The D-cut 3-spoke steering wheel,
    wider where your hands naturally
    rest, provides a racy feel and
  • Front & rear parking assist system (PAS) With the aid of sensors at the front and rear of the car that sound a warning
    if you get too close to obstacles, you can park swiftly and safely.
  • Seat warmer system The front and rear seats heat up at the touch of a button. Improvements
    to the driver and front passenger seat warmers now heat the seat to a cozy
    26 degrees in just 3 minutes.
  • Premium sound system High performance speakers including an improved subwoofer speaker provides you
    with a delicate and dynamic stereo sound and makes you enjoy high-quality sound
    by intensifying the bass. only available in select regions

  • Electric parking brake (EPB)
    The Electric parking brake (EPB) helps lessen your effort while parking. A simple operation of a switch turns the parking brake on and off.

  • Connectivity (AUX and USB)
    Stay networked with AUX and iPod connectivity. A USB port lets you plug in an iPod and other mobile storage devices so that you can enjoy your favorite music.

  • Smart key & Engine start / stop button
    To start the car, all that’s required is a press of the engine start / stop button. Hold your smart key as you approach the Sonata turbo. The car will detect it. All you have to do is press the button on the door handle.

  • Electronic chromic mirror (ECM)
    The Electric chrome mirror (ECM) makes sure you're not blinded by the light reflected from the car behind you. It automatically senses and reduces the intrusion of light.

  • Seat ventilation system
    Improved front-seat ventilation not only keeps the driver and front passengers refreshed during hot weather, but drops the air temperature about 5.5% more than before.

  • Auto defogging system
    Better your sight in the fog. The auto defogging system automatically detects windshield condensation and removes moisture to clear up the glass.

  • Rain sensor and aero blade wipers
    A rain sensor and aero blade wipers that automatically sense rainfall amount control wiper speed and keep the wipers from being lifted while driving at high speeds.
Images, engine specifications and information posted above may differ from region to region. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Please visit our regional homepage or dealer for more information.


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Images, engine specifications and information posted above may differ from region to region. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Please visit our regional homepage or dealer for more information.
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