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Universe. Luxury beyond imagination


First class all the way, Universe


  • UNIVERSE Express Noble

    Refined and luxurious UNIVERSE High Decker Chrome

  • Clear head lamp (High Decker)
  • Chrome plated front garnish molding (High Decker)
  • Streamlined front bumper and fog lamp (High Decker)
  • Curved B-pillar (High Decker)
  • Black bezel head lamp (Standard Decker)
  • Front garnish with LH/RH mesh (Standard Decker)
  • Protrusion typed front bumper and fog lamp (Standard Decker)
  • Vertical type B pillar (Standard Decker)
  • Rear bumper with reverse warning system (OPT)
  • Rear marker lamp
  • Rear combination lamp
  • Pair glasses on driver's window and front door secure better visibility by preventing frost, and isolate noise from outside
  • Stylish 3 section outside rear view mirror
  • Standard outside rear view mirror
  • 2 piece windshield glass / parallel type wiper / standard outside rear view mirror
  • 1 piece windshield glass / overlap type wiper / 3 section outside rear view mirror (OPT)
  • Integrated air conditioner
  • Swing-out type middle door
  • Swing-out type entrance door
  • Power window in driver's side & Manual window in driver's side
  • Front / Rear aluminum wheel
  • Front / Rear wheel cover


  • Driving Space (Wood grain)
  • Sporty and stylish cluster
  • Chassis system controls
  • Power window and air conditioning controls
  • Driving Space (Standard)
  • Deluxe type driver's partition
  • Multi-functional Driver's seat
    (Additional functions compared with air suspension seat)
  • Noble 45 seater (High deck)
  • New fluorescent room lamp & Mood lamp & 2-row LED line light
  • LED floor lamp
  • Lid type shelves
  • Driver's additional overhead shelf (noble, deluxe shelves)


  • Powertec engine
  • Electro magnetic radiator fan clutch
  • Oil filter
  • Fuel filter


  • ZF Retarder (Noble only)
  • Drum brake
  • Jake brake
  • Auto slack adjuster
  • Gradual parking brake