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Aero Town. Markable Performance for Your Driving Pleasure


The redesigned front bumper is larger for better absorption of low impact forces while stylish   headlamps add a note of sophistication. Passenger comfort is maximized by  ergonomically contoured   seats and a powerful rooftop air conditioner that delivers  outstanding cooling  performance. And the   Aero Town is easy to drive thanks to the advanced steering system.


  • Styled head lamp
  • Fog lamp
  • Out side rear view mirror
  • Side flap door
  • Climate Control System

    Delivers superior heating, cooling and ventilation performance. The advanced climate control system delivers fresh air throughout the cabin


  • Welcome Aboard
    The Atmosphere is Cheerful and Roomy

    The efficient layout creates a spacious, cheerful atmosphere that passengers and crew will appreciate. We’ve carefully engineered everything right down to the smallest detail to enhance comfort and make each passengers feel like a VIP.

  • 37+1 Seat
  • 24+1 Seat
  • Board Type Shelves (Opt.)

    Shelves integrate perfectly with the air conditioning louvers.

  • Mood Lamp (Opt.)

    For a softer, more relaxed ambience

  • Line Light (Opt.)

    Extra high output brightens the atmosphere.

  • TV (Opt.)

    A great way to entertain and inform your customers

  • `
  • Fluorescent Lamp

    Reduce eye fatigue during night travel.

  • Cloth Upholstery (Opt.)

    Premium quality fabrics look great and are highly durable.

  • Digital Clock

    Large and easily visible from any seat.

  • Fan-type ventilator (Opt.)
  • Natural-type ventilator
  • Book lamp and air conditioning louvers (Opt.)
  • Roll-type sunvisor

    For safer driving.

  • Power steering

    Minimum effort is required to turn the wheel.

  • Telescopic steering

    This standard feature enables the driver to position the wheel at a perfect height for relaxed driving.


  • Powerful, Smooth and Reliable.

    The D6DA, D6BR diesel engine delivers impressively high torque output, outstanding fuel economy and requires minimum maintenance. A powerful and smooth performer, it can be relied on to deliver years and years of trouble-free service.


    D6DA 22 (TCi)

    220 ps / 2,500 rpm

    Type : Turbo Charger Intercooled

    Displacement : 6,606 cc

    Max Torque : 65 kg.m / 1,400 rpm


  • Anti-lock Brake System

    By preventing wheel lock-up during panic braking, ABS enables the driver to steer around trouble thus avoiding trouble.

  • Hub Pilot Wheel

    It is a turbo-style pilot wheel fitting a large size truck and bus. It maintains pressures of wheels and nuts in a proper way, and eliminates the vibration from handles and the vehicle itself.

    This ensures your safe driving.

  • Exhaust Brake

    The exhaust brake provides supplementary stopping to safely slow the bus down during steep descents.